When wisdom teeth attack: the pain of unwanted teeth


There’s no denying that at one point in our lives, we have all had to deal with wisdom teeth. Whether you had your teeth removed at an early age or as an adult, one thing is for certain: wisdom tooth removal can be painful, stressful, and yet necessary all at the same time.

Unfortunately, many teens and young adults must often deal with other shifting teeth when wisdom teeth begin to erupt. The newly erupted wisdom teeth can cause aesthetic damage to some or all of the tooth alignment. This type of condition is generally referred to as “crowding.” In addition to aesthetic problems, some teens and young adults who are dealing with the unwelcome presence of wisdom teeth can have severe infections, pain, and impactions from teeth that are unable to pop through the gum’s surface or for mouths that simply have no room.

Sometimes, however, there are a lucky people who report no symptoms of pain or discomfort at all when wisdom teeth begin to appear. It truly depends on the person’s mouth shape and size, and level of impaction.

If you have wisdom teeth that have not made an appearance yet, you may still face a host of problems later on in life once they begin erupting. Some common problems if problematic wisdom teeth are left untreated include infection, tooth decay, and crowding. Wisdom teeth that are impacted can also cause damage to surrounding teeth. Serious complications can include fluid-filled growths in the mouth referred to as cysts. Cysts can cause a host of other problems including permanent damage to bone, teeth, and nerves as Colgate.com is reporting.  Some extreme cases of problematic wisdom teeth can even cause tumors in the mouth. Talk to a dentist in Poway for a custom solution for your wisdom teeth, whether you are advised to keep them or not. A good dentist will let you know all of the options available to you.

Many adults, however, run into partially-impacted wisdom teeth – a condition where the tooth may poke through the gum’s surface, but not entirely. Some of the wisdom tooth may make an appearance, but due to mouth size and other nearby teeth, the wisdom tooth may not fully erupt all the way through. People with these kinds of wisdom teeth have only occasional pain or infections.  In cases like these, it’s still important to talk to a Poway dentist to determine the best course of action for removing your wisdom teeth. For instance, food and bacteria can get caught on areas where the gum only partially covers the tooth. If this occurs, an infection called pericoronitis can occur. A qualified dentist in Poway can tell whether or not you have pericoronitis and can prescribe the best course of remedy for your condition.

If you’re concerned about your wisdom teeth, do not hesitate to call a qualified dentist in Poway for a personalized consultation. Often, it’s best to remove wisdom teeth early on to avoid any potential dental problems later on in life. Call Dr. Coleman at (858) 748-4802 and schedule your appointment today.

(photo credit: Colgate.com)

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